Our Directors

Our Directors

All instructors at Robert’s American School are native English speakers from English speaking countries and have an accredited university degree or an English teaching qualification. All teachers are screened and trained (through a set of training modules developed by Robert) and have an interest in teaching and enjoy working with children.  Our teachers not only demonstrate professionalism, but know how to motivate students to work hard and feel proud of their success in learning a new language.

Founder/Academic Director (Robert)

Robert Minor is the founder of RAS and hails from the East Coast of the United States. He has a B.A. from Bowdoin College where he majored in Asian Studies/Mandarin Chinese. He is a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese and studied Mandarin in Beijing, China for one year.  Robert has a Master's Degree in Education in International Teaching from Framingham State University in Massachusetts.


Since 1992, Robert has been involved in ELL (English Language Learning) education, during which he has taught at the Kaohsiung American School, the San Francisco Chinese American International School, and was Director of the ASPECT International Language School in San Francisco.


Upon opening RAS, Robert planned the curriculum, wrote numerous books, and developed a teaching pedagogy for teachers to follow.  His efforts have helped students achieve remarkable results.  Robert has also been invited to speak about education at Wen Zao Ursuline University and Feng Chia University in Taiwan.


Robert enjoys outdoor activities. He is an avid traveler and enjoys cycling and running.  He has a passion for mountain hiking。 In 2020, he climbed his 100th of the Taiwan 100 Peaks thus finishing the list and completing a goal that took 12 years. 

Robert is a co-host of The Teach and Live Abroad Podcast https://teachabroad.podbean.com/

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Mingcheng Branch Director (Shane)


Shane Stubbins hails from Toronto, Canada. He has been in teaching in Taiwan for 20 years and is currently the is the RAS Ming Cheng Branch Director.


Shane has been instrumental in shaping the RAS curriculum in the past several years as the school has started to use a blended approach in its teaching style. He has also developed several programs for teaching novels at RAS.

Shane is an avid cyclist and can be seen in racing events around Taiwan often placing in his age group. He lives with his wife and teenage daughter in Kaohsiung, City. 

YuCheng Branch Manager (Tim) Timothy Rose hails from London, England.  Before arriving in Taiwan, he had spent over 6 years teaching in Spain, Brazil, and Colombia and is fluent in Spanish. He holds an American teaching certification from Morehead University in the United States. Tim is interested in adapting new teaching tools and techniques to his pedagogy. He enjoys teaching young learners and guides his students to critically think and apply the English language in the classroom.

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