Our Program

The RAS curriculum is centered on the American Pearson Reading Street Language Arts program. This program develops a student’s phonics, reading, comprehension, and spelling skills. In addition to this series, Robert has written and designed a series of complementary books and workbooks that help additionally help second language learners practice there vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.


               Our goal is to help students develop strong comprehension skills that will give them a strong foundation to build from as they continually learn and use English throughout their lives. We do not push students to memorize lists of words and take incessant tests, but rather foster their abilities to independently think and create using the English language. This is done through a comprehensive reading and writing program that starts in the elementary level and continues through high school.


At RAS, we also prepare students to take the Cambridge KET and PET according to their grade and English levels. Junior High School students are prepped to take the Taiwan standard GEPT (General English Proficiency Test).

               For advanced students in junior high and high school, RAS offers one day/week classes with topics ranging from novel reading, movies, composition writing, and comprehension and vocabulary strengthening.

Class Options

All incoming students to RAS must have their English level assessed by a branch manager and then placed into an appropriate class.

Our classes include:
1. Immersion English: Grades 1&2  /10 hours/week  M,W,T,F (1:45-4:15)

2. Immersion B:Grades 3&4 / 6 hours/week  (3 days)(4:45-6:45)
3. Non-Immersion:Grades 3+ /4 to 6 hours per week (7:10-9:10)
4. Novel Reading/Composition Writing:1 day per week (2 ~ 2.5 hours/class) (limited to junior high school and high school students)

RAS also offers full service pick up, lunch, and Chinese homework options in addition to English class.

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